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Where to find md5/sha hashes for VUE 3.1.1 binaries?  XML
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Gotgs Z

Joined: 11/21/2011 05:59:48
Messages: 2

I couldn't locate md5/sha hashes to verify VUE 3.1.1 downloads from https://vue.tufts.edu/download/index.cfm. Kindly suggest where to look for them. Also it looks like sourceforge does not have the latest builds, last entry seems to be from Oct 2008.

Regards & many thanks for your help,
Gotgs Z

Joined: 11/21/2011 05:59:48
Messages: 2

Hello Again,

I did notice the checksum file on your release server (http://releases.atech.tufts.edu/vue/v3.1.1/), however for some weird reason the checksums of the downloaded binaries do not match with what is mentioned in checksum.txt. Probably mine is a bad download and I probably will have to download the files again.

Anyway just for info here are the checksums of my downloads:

ce9e183e20509acd2ea4d802174810e5 *checksum.txt
ca72d0d14b5d474fa4136a68379d1e6e *VUE_3_1_1Applet.zip
175697e0018900c76fa2c02b52c8ae88 *VUE_3_1_1ZoteroFireFoxExtension.xpi
9d1074e2e0dafa7ab2c9a7938ec2adba *VUE_3_1_1_Installer.zip
5e96a66b4450afdaea5f47891587cdc7 *VUE_3_1_1_src.zip [Only This One Matches]

fa9fdb3de718e5bd9ab8bb88b16d76ae4d839983 *checksum.txt
961ba75d2f04789ff79e58671870e33b29d25f80 *VUE_3_1_1Applet.zip
a77314e930ab85fa455e654a2a7feacdab9d8f79 *VUE_3_1_1ZoteroFireFoxExtension.xpi
f47aa64ee159a09160e513ce28b59546c25dd1ce *VUE_3_1_1_Installer.zip
da04163c84bd946d62364b9b54200f0804933512 *VUE_3_1_1_src.zip

And here is what is mentioned in checksum.txt, which is somewhat difficult to decipher as the names & files count do not match with the files in http://releases.atech.tufts.edu/vue/v3.1.1/.

VUE.zip - ea2cbfef6d682d1f3ca5e408457efdbf
VUE.app.zip- cb0ab70b206141f33fefccf580dce293
VUE-Java16.app.zip- e3d19073679b952f968dc03bf86ca662
VUE_src.zip - 5e96a66b4450afdaea5f47891587cdc7
VUEApplet.zip - ca72d0d14b5d474fa4136a68379d1e6e

I was hoping (if I am not sounding too paranoid) whether it could be possible to post the md5s / sha1s on a secure page (https), say for example on the download page (https://vue.tufts.edu/download/index.cfm) along with the download links or somewhere in your forum (which also supports https) by some admin.

Many Regards,
Adrica Kaur


Joined: 07/28/2012 16:35:07
Messages: 1
Location: Phoenix

If you are a 'developer', you have write access to almost everything:

If you are a 'packager', your binary-write-access is limited to the preview repository. So, for example, if you are only concerned about editing PKGBUILDs and uploading packages for this repository and nothing else, then it may be less clutter to just do two separate checkouts:

So, after having done all that, you would copy the (binary) package that you built to the proper architecture directory, add it to SVN, and finally commit the addition. Optionally, you may clear out the directory again to maintain the 'sparseness':

Old packages will be automatically deleted on the server, so you need not worry about removing them yourself. Be careful to add real binary packages and not symlinks or any other file that may deceive you.
Building Packages
It is recommended to build packages in a chroot environment. To ease up the process you may use the tools like extra-i686-build from the devtools package in Arch Linux's extra repository.
It is best to edit the chroot's pacman.conf so that any ArchAudio-related dependencies can be pulled in. Just run the following anywhere but within a PKGBUILD directory:

It will go on to create the chroot, which will by default be located at /var/tmp/archbuild, and then fail upon not finding a PKGBUILD. You can now make your changes to the pristine copy of the chroot (the other copy will be named after your username and will be recreated upon every build from this pristine copy):

If you are on 64-bit, you can build for both architectures:

If you have a powerful machine (anything more than a dual-core), you may want to run each of those builds in two separate windows.
If needed, you may build against the multilib repository, i.e multilib-build.
Unless you know what you are doing, never build against Arch Linux's testing repository, i.e testing-i686-build.
There is a work-in-progress suite of helper scripts called archaudio-devtools, and it is hoped that it will automate most of the labour involved here in a future release.
Subversion Maintenance
It is always a good idea to make the following sanity checks a routine:

And if you really cannot find out how to use SVN (man, wiki, google):

Warning: If you remove something without the svn command, Subversion will complain that it is missing since it's not aware of the removal.

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