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VUE 3.2 / 3.2.1 / 3.2.2 Release Notes  XML
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Mike Korcynski


Joined: 08/08/2008 11:36:13
Messages: 749

3.2.2 Release Notes

* Fixes issue where all maps created in v3.1.2 opened in v3.2.. Every Node and Link has the extra characters added to the metadata gutter <> with Category None:

3.2.1 Release Notes

* VUE 3.2.1 fixes the long standing issue of combo boxes on the formatting palette and other dock windows becoming unclickable, this has been often reported as a win7/8 issue but this is the first time we've been able to reproduce and reach resolution.

* Also, upgrades the JRE packaged with the windows installer to 7u21.

3.2 Release Notes

Windows Installer -- now passes the compatibility assistant check for windows 7 and 8
Mac OSX -- now has an installer that will put the app in /Applications instead of just an .app file.
Mac OSX -- Application is signed for gatekeeper compatibility on Mountain Lion

VUE source now on github: https://github.com/VUE/VUE
VUE build system now moved to Jenkins.
Note: If you would like to submit Junit test cases for VUE we can now support running them as part of release management.
Removed the Older 1.5 version of VUE for Mac -- can still be built out of source for those who need it.
Removed the VUE Applet -- can still be built out of source for those who need it.

* Latest Russian translation from Evgeny Volkov.
* Fix for VUE-1768 -- add shape for left-pointing triangle. reported by Rob Schultz.
* add a shape for a left-pointing triangle.
* Fix for JIRA issue VUE-1767 -- browse tool cursor's hot spot should be in the upper-left corner like other selection tools.
* java 1.7 compatibility
* fixed activeEdit bug & repaint bug
* support for smooth-zooming / bigger max range: 0.1% to 100,000x
* enabled smooth-zooming via track-pad mouse-wheel events (when command key is down)
* changed LOD render style
* performance: less recomputing of entire map bounds
* focal bounds for images is now 0 for presentation mode (it was 25)
* font FractionalMetrics has been enabled in the default DrawContext for future versions of VUE. This is in support of smooth-scrolling (where text jumps around otherwise), and may help with retina style displays.
* HTML rollover improvements, more cleanups
* The meta-data UI is nicer, and the code is far less fragile / more changable than it was.
* fix for rare OSID case of running an old version of VUE after a new version on a system than can write to /Library
* updated map-model version to 6: older versions of VUE will not understand meta-data in these new maps
* major changes: new merge-source meta-data format, new rollover presence test that doesn't involve constructing the HTML each time, new UI display style for all meta-data based rollovers: tags/none keys, merge keys, and generic meta-data. Also changes for VME API changes, backward compat with old maps, new merge-source meta-data format.
* fixed several old merge bugs, including duplicate links in voted maps, unified node/link annotation code and elimated old ConnectiviyMatrixList link annotation code, changed merge-source meta-data to be formated based on what is useful to search for, also style change: link weights are set by the number of sources they match
* SVG now generated at print quality, tho still not sure this is working for anything but small maps
* fixed for longstanding bug in how LWIcon's were impacted by the prefrences set -- Preferences dialog should now always appear quickly / without the old delay dependent on the number of nodes open in VUE
* fix for multiple links between nodes in voted merge-maps …
* fix for duplicate preference dialogs being created each time, each which was generating preference events
* fixed longstanding LWIcon deficency: now there's only a single pref lstener for all maps instead of one for every node, which can propertly update all nodes, and the isShowing state is cached during LWIcon.Block layout as it ought to be. Elsewhere, VUE has been patched to make sure that deleted nodes that come back from the undo-queue are re-laid out in case any prefs have change in the meantime. Nodes paste from the cut buffer are also an issue as well, but they appear to handled with layout calls already.
* major cleanup, fixed bug that was constantly trying to update the UI during map restores and sometimes could hang VUE entirely, persistance cleanups. Events have been entirely disabled for this class (we didn't need them). Lots of suble bux fixes / comments.
* handle catching keystroke for our new FocusToViewer COMMAND+ENTER action …
* added COMAND-ENTER global default action to move focus back to the map, which normally accomplishes a "finish editing" action in our text fields where return is an insert v.s a complete.
* Merge Maps ;massive re-write: faster/cleaner/bugfixes, can merge on Resource now
* groups will not draw their optional backround if filtered
* Fixed problem of DockWindow's not properly restoring state -- we're sometimes having their saved position overwritten by the default location assignments.
* enabled non-cocoa java-based child DockWindow tracking -- performance not as much of an issue as it used to be, and our cocoa code is no loger available.
* major changes: improved search performance,
* About 200 more tags translated by Kazuo Mori.


3.1 maps are now loaded with extra characters like this "<>" ---- For a temporary workaround: turn off the Keyword icon in the preferences to get rid of all the angle brackets
3.1 clicking and scrolling the mouse wheel allows one to zoom in and out in 3.2 it does not. -- looking into it, we added trackpad support that may have inadvertently effected this.

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Mike McDearmon

Joined: 01/09/2013 17:04:37
Messages: 10

Whoa now - all my 3.1 maps are now loaded with extra characters like this "<>"! No bueno:
[Thumb - 2013-05-15_095540.png]
 Filename 2013-05-15_095540.png [Disk] Download
 Filesize 12 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  5 time(s)

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Mike McDearmon

Joined: 01/09/2013 17:04:37
Messages: 10

The above issue is happening on all maps created in v3.1.2 opened in v3.2 (Windows 7). Every Node and Link has the extra characters added, which also distorts the shape and size of elements in many cases.

Bummer. Lots of nice features in here, but can't upgrade when I've got so many templates and boiler plates set up in 3.1.2.

I've been using VUE as a software UI wireframing tool -- a use case that I think is right on par with specialty software like Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, and many others because of the speed and simplicity of VUE. That said, I've got a lot invested in 3.1.2 maps and would hate to see those not carry over to 3.2.
Mike Korcynski


Joined: 08/08/2008 11:36:13
Messages: 749

working on a fix...
Mike McDearmon

Joined: 01/09/2013 17:04:37
Messages: 10

Thanks, man!

By the way -- I've been busy spreading the VUE love. Great work on an immensely useful tool -- got a lot of folks at work hooked on it! I'll share a bunch of our feedback in the appropriate forum:

AEC-APPS (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction tech community):

Personal Design + Tech Blog:

Patrick Szucs

Joined: 05/23/2012 03:31:26
Messages: 6

I don't want to be nit-picky, but in 3.1 clicking and scrolling the mouse wheel allows one to zoom in and out, which is a feature that I really like, but a feature that does not seem to be in 3.2. Was this change purposeful?

Thank you for all your efforts on this wonderful program.

Patrick J. Szucs Jr.
Mike Korcynski


Joined: 08/08/2008 11:36:13
Messages: 749

Mike M -- added a note about your issue to the release notes, we're still looking into it.
Mike McDearmon

Joined: 01/09/2013 17:04:37
Messages: 10

Awesome! Thanks again and good luck.
kewapo KW

Joined: 08/08/2008 11:36:13
Messages: 26

To solve the problem: extra characters like this "<>" with the old version maps: preferences, show icon, turn off keywords check.
Gaëtan LECOU

Joined: 11/10/2010 09:56:52
Messages: 2

Hello. I don't want to be nit-picky too, but the scroll mouse wheel to zoom in and out miss me a lot because it's really usefull to navigate and complete a map.

Otherwise, I never took the time to thanks the developers so thansk a lot for this powerful software.

Gaëtan LECOU
Telarus KSC

Joined: 10/03/2010 23:00:11
Messages: 7

Mouse scroll still works if you have the cursor in the Panner window. I do miss the Alt+MMScroll function, tho.
michal novak

Joined: 01/31/2011 00:37:20
Messages: 1

Telarus KSC wrote:Mouse scroll still works if you have the cursor in the Panner window. I do miss the Alt+MMScroll function, tho.

You're right, it really works! But it's not very useful, some way to set zoom step size would be handy.
I'd also very welcome any option allowing me to switch off font anti-aliasing (as it was in 3.1.2 release), smaller text is now much harder to read.

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Robert Varnam

Joined: 02/04/2010 03:31:48
Messages: 6

Really sorry, but the loss of zoom functionality with the mouse wheel has made VUE unusable for me and most of my colleagues.

Please could someone direct me to a download link for a previous version?

Tomáa Lumpe

Joined: 02/14/2013 17:00:23
Messages: 1

Hello, thanks for this perfect educative tool. I really miss fluent alt+zoom function too.

Valentine Cadieux

Joined: 01/07/2011 09:38:58
Messages: 5

When exporting VUE to HTML on the web, does anyone know how to make links open in THE SAME WINDOW/TAB, instead of opening a new one for each click? (Many other people have asked questions about this issue of trying to make layers more navigable, too, and this is my strategy:) I'm trying to upload layers as different pages, and where I would click on one map embedded in another in VUE, I'm linking that to another page. However, this opens a new tab each time (meaning that instead of being able to navigate BACK to the previous page, I need to insert "back to previous layer" links, and the tab proliferation is ridiculous).

I remember seeing someone lay out the code for this in an earlier version, and I now can't find that to see if it still works!

Also, I'd be VERY GRATEFUL if anyone has advice about maintaining the integrity of links in a relative way (e.g. if I have a lot of content in the same folder as my VUE, is there a way to upload the whole thing without having to replace the content link for EACH RESOURCE AND IMAGE?

While I'm on my wish list for VUE web publishing, does anyone know how to:
- maintain the links to urls that are included in the LINKS (sticks) between nodes? These work in VUE but appear to be disabled in the HTML output -- only the links in the nodes work
- and also, when I use the HTML output layer by layer, there are ghost images that show up for the layers that aren't shown? Has anyone figured out how to deal with these? (The only thing I've been able to figure out so far is DELETING the layers before exporting, which defeats the purpose of having layers.)

(so you can see what I'm working on http://sefpi.umn.edu/archive/2013/good-food.html

And finally, while I'm grousing about my difficulties with 3.2.2 (as you can see, I use this a LOT, and have been waiting to find someone who knows how to answer these questions, so apologies for saving up all my questions): two problems are really hampering me that I haven't seen anyone else mention:

1. Half of the time, I can't insert images! (Either via dragging or using the "content / insert image/file" command, I just get a pink box with no image -- there's a LINK to the image, and if I click where it says "jpg" or "tif," the image opens -- but it's not showing up IN the node.) I thought maybe it was something about the SIZE or LOCATION of images, but I'm able to get a 2MB Gif from my desktop to show up and a 400kb jpg, but not a 1MB jpg, nor a 800 kb tif from the same place. Any thoughts on what's happening here, or a workaround?


2. The tool selected as a default jumps back to the the rapid prototyping tool after each task! This is driving me NUTS, especially when I'm using VUE in the classroom or public meetings, because I THINK I have the pointer tool selected, but all of a sudden I'm rapid prototyping. Is there some way to fix this?? My students have noticed it, too, and it really slows us down.

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