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Text wap in nodes!  XML
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Joined: 11/08/2010 21:39:05
Messages: 1

Apparently, VUE users have been asking for text wrap in nodes for several years.

Users should be able to define a default width for nodes, and have title text wrap within that specified width.

As it is now, every new title results a new node of a different width. Manually wrapping the text with carriage returns is inefficient, hard to revise, and still doesn't solve the principal problem of lack of default width (or height).

William Croft

Joined: 08/10/2011 12:43:35
Messages: 1

I just started using VUE and it's great, but this was the FIRST thing that I noticed in using VUE. I think of VUE as an alternative to programs (on the Mac) like Keynote and Omnigraffle for certain purposes; but the absence of text wrap in nodes makes VUE less easy to use in that respect compared to the programs that I mentioned. I hope that text wrap in nodes will be offered as an option (if not the default) in the near future...I'd like to see it done as in the programs I mentioned: the user can resize the node, and the text will wrap automatically to fit that node size.
Stefan Th. Gries

Joined: 10/03/2010 14:09:11
Messages: 4

I couldn't agree more. VUE is so much better than Freemind and other software like this but the lack of the wrapping is really too inconvenient a lack of a feature. PLZ put this at the top of your development list ...
Constantinescu Nicolaie

Joined: 08/08/2008 11:36:13
Messages: 35
Location: Bucharest

I too second strongly this point!

Thank you for your efforts dear developers... great tool!


Joined: 06/04/2009 13:18:14
Messages: 130
Location: Portugal . . [UTC/GMT +0:00]

Hi all!

Wrapping the text in nodes while changing the node size, seems to me a good idea too!

P. Sardinha
Jeffrey Miller


Joined: 08/17/2009 15:58:54
Messages: 23
Location: Denver, Colorado

I'll pile on as well--it would be a welcome addition.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu
V Crum

Joined: 09/13/2011 12:35:24
Messages: 1

Not only would text wrapping be useful (though I have found tricks that work for me)
But it would also be nice to use differential formatting for text inside nodes.
For example, A heading bit of text in a large font, plus subtext in a smaller font. Or header in bold, and subtext default.
Graeme Thom

Joined: 04/18/2012 19:02:09
Messages: 1

I wholeheartedly agree. An "autowrap text within nodes" feature would be such an improvement on an already fantastic piece of software. Other open source programs can do it, and VUE text boxes already have the same functionality, so I would hope the feature could also be applied to nodes.

One way to ease the pain of adjusting the width of long strings of text - without having to redo hard carriage returns every time - so that the text will fit into a node (in the way like I think most people desire) is to use the "justify" feature in Excel.

I found the following Youtube clip which explains and demonstrates the feature much better than I could do here by typing it all out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqi0GmieA6k

Hope this helps!

This message was edited 1 time. Last update was at 05/17/2012 08:03:54

Toby Auburn

Joined: 10/25/2011 16:03:09
Messages: 1

Sorry to bump this old(er) thread, but it's genuinely one the only faults I can find with this program!
I love using it for my uni work but I've wasted more time than I wish to think about adjusting node width manually!
Jesse Hamburger

Joined: 11/17/2012 12:56:20
Messages: 3

I'm going to bump this too, after several more years.

VUE is miles better to use for me than a lot of the more complex (and paid) programs out there, but the lack of auto text wrap is starting to make my right pinky hurt.

I'd gladly take a shot at developing this feature if someone's willing to spend 15 minutes pointing me in the right direction. I'm an experienced C# developer, so Java wouldn't be a huge leap.
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